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Newpark Healthcare Partner Introduction


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Newpark Healthcare, based in Dublin, Ireland, is an acknowledged leader in Healthcare Development and Transformation. For more than 40 years, we have been assisting both private and public providers in the development of cutting-edge healthcare facilities and institutions.

We take new hospital projects from initial concept through to development, commissioning, and onto opening and safe acceptance of the first patient. We also provide post-opening support in the initial phase of operation.

With extensive experience in the process, we excel in providing clinically robust, efficient and future-focused hospitals to our partners. Working in tandem, we ensure the delivery of functioning and safe hospitals for the future. In our commitment to addressing patient needs, we forge strong partnerships with healthcare organisations. Through collaboration, we enhance services by combining organisational knowledge, skills, operational process and technology.

Delivering transformative and secure clinical services in a hospital demands resolution, tenacity, knowledge and experience - qualities inherent in Newpark Healthcare and our exceptional team of highly experienced professionals who deliver and exceed daily.


Our experience and belief is that innovative hospitals develop services around both their staff and technology, with the goal of providing optimal patient care through streamlined processes. We possess an in-depth understanding of the needs of healthcare organisations. This includes innovative approaches to enhancing efficiencies, adopting modern methods of information management, and building effectiveness, all while creating extraordinary experiences for stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

We support our client organisations in integrating new technologies and tools, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enhanced Automatic Dictation, Personal Virtual Assistants for Telehealth Solutions, and Advanced Integration and Migration, to enhance interoperability between existing and new Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems. Our proficiency in digital systems development and integration is complementary to our expertise in healthcare development.

We are delighted to be a partner in this 3 Year EU Funded Project ESCORT and look forward to delivering our various Work Packages, which will benefit from the in-house expertise but also very importantly feed back into Newpark Healthcare for developing and introducing new concepts and technologies to our clients.

The goal of ESCORT project is to bring prominent advances in IoT, Wearables, AI and Machine Learning to facilitate enhanced patient treatment services for the enrichment of patient experience and European health and care resilience.

Our deliverables include creation of a Patient Engagement Group to explore the advantages and adoption of wearable technologies in a cross section of medical and chronic conditions. We will be engaging with multiple existing European bodies, experts in patient advocacy and creating a team of patients and carers whose lived experiences and personal opinions will be vitally important to the project.

Newpark Healthcare will be conducting several pilots and demonstrations in Year 2 & Year 3 of the project. We will also be hosting the full ESCORT partner delegation in Ireland for project meetings and demonstrations. This is projected for Q3 2025.

In the latter months of project ESCORT, we will be releasing a training curriculum and organising training sessions. Finally, and of great importance, we will be making Policy Recommendations on promoting the ESCORT tools and services which become the outputs of this project.

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